Chimney Repair

Quality Masonry Workmanship Adds Value to Your Home
Chimney and Fireplace Construction —Building a fireplace and chimney is complex and doing it right can make a difference for your safety and for the value of your home. We’ve been building fireplaces and chimneys for 25 years in Seattle. We don’t have to approach the job with a code manual in our hands. We know all codes, locally and nationally. We have seen and repaired enough hazardous mistakes to realize there is value in our specialization.

Repointing — This refurbishing technique involves removing old mortar and replacing it with new called chimney tuck-pointing in Seattle. Special care is taken when mixing the perfect mortar for color and hardness. Chimneys that are exposed to more frequent freeze/thaw cycles may have distressed mortar joints. This masonry technique will add years to the lifetime of your chimney and dramatically improve its appearance.

Chimney Liner – Flue Relining — Older homes may have a clay tile liner or no liner at all. Cracks or holes in your chimney will draw heat and gases through it, creating a hazardous situation if combustible materials are on the other side. If you find chipped off masonry pieces in your firebox, then this is warning that you may have deterioration in your flue.  Having a chimney liner installed is very important in older homes in Seattle WA where chimney’s do not have clay liners built inside the chimney.  Chimney Liner Seattle WA is your key to safety.

The National Fire Protection Agency now recommends a stainless steel flue liner for all masonry chimneys. This simple and inexpensive installation will add years of use to your masonry chimney and yet will not alter its visual appearance. A stainless steel liner is easier to clean and will stay clean longer.

Waterproofing — Water penetration is the number one enemy for brick masonry. Salts within the brick can dissolve when exposed to water and then travel with the water until they crystallize again, either within the brick, or on its surface. Crystallization within the brick may cause chipping of the brick, called spalling. Crystallization on the surface of the brick that causes a whitish appearance on the brick is called efflorescence. In addition, water also causes stress to the masonry if present during a freeze/thaw cycle.

Waterproofing your masonry can protect it against these types of water damage. Our waterproofing agent is superior to others because of its vapor-permeability. It allows water from inside the house to move through the bricks and evaporate out, while still keeping water from heavy rains from absorbing into the bricks from the outside.

ChimneySaver Water Repellent treatment comes with a 10-year guarantee to protect your masonry in Seattle from water penetration. It is a great investment that pays for itself by increasing the longevity of your fireplace and chimney.

Flashing — Flashing in Seattle is a critical component of a leak-free roof. Metal sheets are strategically placed in counter directions at the roof seams. We check for leaks in the flashing during our routine inspection. Undetected leaks can lead to expensive damages and mold growth inside the attic.

Chimney Crown — During our inspection, we also check the health of your chimney crown in Seattle. The chimney crown protects the chimney masonry from water and adds structural stability. The angle of the crown directs water away from the flue and the two-inch overhang keeps water from dripping onto the exterior sides of the or fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch very soon!