Dryer Vent Cleaning Seattle Wa

CDryer Vent Cleaning in Seattle Is a Simple Task That Could Save Your Home.
The proper maintenance of your dryer lint trap and venting hose system is an important fire preventative. Cleaning of your dryer vents should occur every year, but more often if you notice that the dryer is not efficiently drying your clothes. Lint is highly combustible and when met with the increased temperatures that result from a blocked vent, a dryer fire is likely.

Feel at ease knowing that your home is safe. Our professional cleaners will scour every inch of your venting hose with swirling brushes releasing all debris. After the debris is released, it gets blown through with compressed air.

We also check venting hoses for sags and kinks that can often accelerate lint accumulation and improper venting. We will remove any animal nests and fit your vent with a cap, if necessary.

How to prevent a dryer fire:

Clean your lint trap regularly and professionally clean the vents once a year.
Stay vigilant: if your dryer is hot and not drying the clothes, there is probably a clogged area in the venting path.
Check your dryer’s venting power by standing near the end of the vent path outside. If the air is blowing strongly, your dryer is in good working order. If the air is not blowing strongly, then you may need a stronger dryer or it could mean the path to the outside is too long to maintain adequate pressure. This is a dangerous condition that will lead to high levels of lint build-up.
Use non-corrugated metal venting. Corrugated venting can sag and accumulate lint faster than smooth, metal venting.

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