About us

Our Business is Who We Are
Our family business started out of my childhood home in South Portland. It began when my father started cleaning his friend’s chimneys and grew through word-of-mouth about my father’s quality workmanship. Within a few years, he had enough business to go into the chimneyh sweep and masonry field full time.

My brothers and sisters all worked in the business at some point growing up. Our father held us to his high standards and we learned from him what it takes to please a customer. In fact, still today, even though my father has retired and left the running of the business to us, I still hear his voice in my head, reminding me to not take short cuts and to always do a job that I am proud of.

Integrity, Communication and Attention to Detail is my father’s winning business formula. His philosophy has helped grow this business from its little start at our house into offices in ten cities across the greater Seattle Wa and the pacific northwest. Give us a try and experience authentic customer service you deserve!