Gas Fireplace Service & Cleaning

Chimcare specializes in doing gas fireplace service and repairs for the greater Seattle and King County areas.  Most consumers do not realize that your gas fireplace needs ongoing maintenance.  Gas fireplaces have working parts that can go bad and can cause CO leaks that could leak inside of your home.  With Annual gas fireplace maintenance, you can prevent issues from happening along with making your appliance work more efficiently.  Every fireplace or insert manufactured is required by each manufacturer to have the appliance cleaned annually for safety and optimal performance.

What’s included in a gas fireplace inspection and cleaning?

During a inspection our trained technician will inspect the exterior and interior of the unit.  Some of the items they will be checking are the framework, glass, log structure, valves, connections to name a few.  They will also look for and clean ports or vents that could have residue buildup that could eventually block or prohibit proper function.

Standard Service May Include the following:

  • Visual inspection
  • Cleaning of the glass
  • Cleaning of the burner assembly
  • Carbon Monoxide testing for leaks
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Gas line inspection
  • Cleaning of the pilot or ignitor assembly

Potential Repair Work that might be needed on a Gas Fireplace?

  • Glass replacement
  • Pilot or ignitor assembly
  • Seal replacement
  • Replacement of sand and glowing embers
  • Gas pipe and fitting replacements
  • Replacement of the Unit if old.  Typically, gas inserts only last 15-20 years