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We all love to live for longer, and to accomplish this purpose; we should do all that it takes, agree? So, how about dry vent cleaning, which is indeed a life-savior? Not only is this necessary for preventing dryer fires but for enhancing the life of your dryer vent also. This is where hiring Chimney Sweep Seattle can serve this purpose fully for you.

Wondering Why You Need Dry Vent Cleaning Services?

As a matter of fact, maintaining your dryer lint trap properly as well as venting the hose system is essential for the prevention of fire.

For this reason, you must clean your dryer vents once a year. More importantly, you need doing it often in case of inefficient functioning of your dryer.

Odds of a dryer fire are there due to the combustibility of lint. And, this likelihood becomes even higher in case of raising of temperature further causing blockage in the vent.

Aside from fires, dryers pose other risks, as well. Bear in mind that a clogged dryer vent can drain your wallet by consuming a lot of energy than required.

So, you must take assistance from a professional chimney sweep and cleaning services provider to save the life of your loved ones and yours. And also, to save your hard-earned.

Let Our Expert Cleaners Get Your Dryer Vent Debris-Free:

To facilitate you in the best manner, our expert cleaners are there who will vent hose with swirling brushes for the removal of all the debris. After the releasing of debris, compressed air will be incorporated for blowing it.

What’s more? Our efficient team also makes a proper inspection of your venting hoses for kinks and sags, accelerating the accumulation of lint as well as improper venting often.
If needed, they will also perform the removal of animal nests and cap your vent for fitting it.

Useful Tips to Prevent Dryer Fires:

  • Let the professionals scour your lint trap regularly by cleaning the vents on a yearly basis.
  • The odds are that the venting path is experiencing clogging in case your dryer is not drying the clothes and hot. So, you should say vigilant in this regard.
  • What you need to do for checking the venting power of your dryer is to stand near the vent’s end path outside. Your dryer is functioning optimally in case of strong blowing of the air.
  • Contrasting to it, you probably require a stronger dryer in case the air does not blow strongly.
  • It may also indicate that the outside path is too long for maintaining sufficient pressure. Notably, this condition is dangerous, that can cause high lint accumulation levels.
  • Make use of non-corrugated metal venting. This is so because corrugated venting is able to sag and build-up lint quickly in comparison to smooth, metal venting.

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