Masonry Repair

Add value to your residence by getting your hands on quality Masonry Workmanship

Not to mention, constructing a chimney and fireplace is complex. And, therefore, doing it aptly is what you need to do to ensure maximum safety of yourself and enhancing the value of your living place.

This is what asks you to seek out professional assistance for making the entire masonry process hassle-free and effortless.

Chimney Sweep Seattle is Offering Quality Masonry Workmanship For Years:

We are well-versed in constructing chimneys and fireplaces in Seattle, cutting the need to approach the task having a code manual with us. This is so because we are familiar with all codes of local as well as national levels.

You can easily rely on us as we’ve done enough repairment of hazardous mistakes so far. Wondering what masonry techniques, we incorporate for accomplishing all our tasks rightly? Have a look below.

Repointing: This revamping masonry technique includes the removal of old mortar and its replacement with a new one named chimney tuck-pointing.

At the time of combining the perfect mortar for hardness and color, we take special care.

Notably, there may be distressed mortar joints in a chimney that is exposed to freeze/thaw cycles more frequently. This is where repointing comes into play to enhance the life of your chimney as well as improve its appearance dramatically.

Flue Relining: There is a possibility of a no liner or a clay tile liner in older homes. In your chimney, holes or cracks will draw gases and heat through it. This way, the situation will become hazardous in case of the presence of flammable materials on the other side.

Also, your flue may be deteriorating in case your firebox’s masonry pieces are chipped off. For that reason, installing a chimney liner is crucial in older homes where chimneys come without in-built clay liners. All in all, your key to safety is Chimney Liner Seattle.

Waterproofing: One of the biggest enemies for brick masonry is undoubtedly water penetration. Actually, due to water exposure, there occurs dissolution of salts within the brick. Furthermore, these salts then flow with the water to become crystallize again, either on the surface or within the brick.

This is how crystallization can cause chipped bricks named spalling.
Waterproofing your masonry is a protective measure against water damages to these types.

The vapor-permeability of our waterproofing agent makes it superior to others. It enables traveling of the water through the bricks from inside the house and evaporating out. What’s more? It still saves water from heavy rains from the outside brick absorption.

Flashing: It is a critical element of a leak-free roof. Bear in mind that, undetected leaks can cause pricey expensive damages and growth of mold inside the attic. In the flashing, we check for leaks at the time of our routine inspection.

Chimney Crown: We also inspect the health of your chimney crown during our inspection to ensure optimal functioning overall.

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