Chimney Caps

Do you want to prevent your masonry from decay? Well, who wouldn’t say “No” to this as we all want to save our hard-earned as much as possible, right?
So, get the finest quality chimney cap protecting your chimney flue from rainwater and thereby preventing your masonry from decaying. Chimney Sweep Seattle is here to serve you with the best quality chimney cap for the good of your masonry.

Not only this, but a chimney cap does a lot more for you also. Want to know? Read on.

Protection from Animal Nesting and Infestation:

When the weather is getting cold, some animals find nesting in chimneys soothing due to the warmth it offers from the fire underneath. This is how those uninvited guests can easily mess with your chimneys. However, you can use chimney caps for protecting your living place animal infestation.

Bear in mind that the nests of animals are highly flammable. More dangerously, they can cause unwanted chimney fires that can affect the rest of your living place as well. This is where a chimney cap comes in handy for fixing this condition.

Prevention from Downdrafts:

A chimney cap is also helpful in preventing downdrafts in windy zones such as the coast or where there are plenty of trees.

In fact, starting a fire can become hard in the presence of downdrafts. Over and above that, it can also trap hazardous fumes inside your house.

This is where you can make the most out of a chimney cap. Notably, some chimney caps have closing dampers useful for controlling venting or for sealing off the chimney when you are not using it.

Barricading Against Harsh Weather Conditions:

Harsh conditions of weather can not only take a toll on your health but your chimneys as well. Noticeably, moisture can deteriorate your chimney that the entry of snow, ice, or rain can cause.

What’s more deteriorating to your chimney’s internal structure is the mixing of this moisture with certain kinds of soot.

As a matter of fact, moisture and intermittent thawing and freezing can be problematic for your chimneys. This is because it can cause cracks in the chimney’s structure repairing of which can be wallet-hurting. In this condition, a chimney cap can act as a barricade against moisture from harsh conditions of weather from stepping inside your chimney.

Chimney Sweep Seattle Has A Range of Styles To Choose From:

Regardless if you are looking for a chimney cap for beauty or practicality, you will find a range of styles complimenting every type of architecture.

More fascinatingly, our chimney caps, chase covers as well as dampers are manufactured with 304-stainless steel. As an added bonus, they have a guarantee of rusting never.

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