Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps Protect Your Investment
A chimney cap protects your chimney flue from rainwater, which can cause accelerated decay of your masonry. Chimney caps can also be used to protect your home from animal infestation. Animal nests are extremely flammable and can lead to unwanted chimney fires that can spread to the rest of your home.

Chimney caps can help prevent downdrafts in windy areas like the coast or where trees are plentiful. Downdrafts can make starting a fire difficult and may trap dangerous fumes inside your home. Some styles of chimney caps come with closing dampers that can also be used to control venting or to seal off the chimney when not in use.

Whether you are shopping for a chimney cap for function or beauty, we have a great selection of styles that compliment all types of architecture. Our chimney caps, dampers and chase covers are made from 304-stainless steel and are guaranteed never to rust.

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