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Our chimney cleaning Seattle services are there to offer you maximum safety and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Annual Chimney Cleaning is Recommend:

Wondering why do you need to have chimney cleaning services? Well, the recommendation is to clean your chimney flue annually for limiting your risk for a chimney fire as per government-supported agencies.

Over and above that, you may require cleaning your chimney more often in case you are using them in a special kind. As using them in a certain way can cause creosote production, necessitating cleaning your chimney more frequently.

Our technicians are there to advise you in this regard. As well as that, they will also suggest the way you can minimize the production of creosote.

Well-Trained and Seasoned Chimney Sweep Seattle’s Technicians:

Our cleaning technicians come with proper training, and this is how e ensure delivering only the optimum chimney cleaning services to our customers.

In fact, our technicians attend the training of several hours and months of training on-the-work prior to their independent consideration.

Adding to technical skills, we pay heed to attention to professionalism and detail, including communication, cleanliness, and promptness.

More convincingly, most of our senior technicians, as well as brick masons, come with experience of over a decade in their relevant fields. Hence, you can count on reliable services for preventing chimney fire to keep your home safe.

Wondering How Do They Perform Meticulously?

The professionals at chimney cleaning Seattle scour every type of heating equipment from wood-burning stoves to masonry fireplaces.

They scrape of creosote from venting stacks and chimney flues with using special brushes made to access the chimney cap and the damper completely.
Adding more to this, they perform full disassembling, cleaning, and then reassembling of stoves often.

In fact, it’s a dirty job to clean soot from the fireplace and chimney. Therefore, our technicians take additional precautions to help in keeping your entire home clean.

What’s more? Our technicians also perform draping tarps on the ground as well as around the hearth. Also, they make use of vacuums for minimizing the dust to the max. For keeping your floors clean, they also wear changeable shoe covers.

Factors Impacting the Frequency of Chimney-Cleaning Seattle:

  • Wood’s moisture content
  • Length of venting stack or chimney
  • Fire’s average size
  • Insulation of chimney fuel

How Do We Inspect?

We inspect in the following manner for ensuring maximum safety:

  • By looking for wear and tear signs that could harm the safety or potentially cause costly chimney repairs in Seattle.
  • Looking for flue or animal’s blockages that could harm ventilation or lead to chimney fires.
  • Ensuring proper functioning of roof flashing and absence of signs of leaking beneath the roof.
  • Checking for cracks in the rusted chase covers or chimney crown.

Efficient Chimney Sweep Seattle Customer Support:

Our dedicated customer support service is always there to answer all your queries regarding chimney cleaning Seattle.

Phone: 000-000-000

Or you can also fill our contact form and will get a quick response from our customer support representative.