Dryer Vent Cleaning And Why Its Necessary (5 Reasons)

Dryer Vent Cleaning And Why Its Necessary (5 Reasons)

Wondering why you need cleaning your dryer vent regularly? Well, it is really advantageous for you and your machine. Let us walk you through the top 5 reasons for regular dryer vent cleaning here.

To Ensure Safety:
Not to mention, safety is the leading reason for cleaning your dryer regularly.

In fact, dryers become hot as well as lint turns out to be highly flammable, making it a dangerous combination.

Notably, clothes dryers are responsible for over 15,000 structure fires yearly. Adding to it, 80% of those are because of clogged dryer vents as per the U.S. Fire Administration. However, this is a preventable issue.

Moreover, odds are there that the fumes back up into your living place via clogged vents.

To Avoid Low-Efficiency:
Everyone wants that their appliances work in an efficient manner. However, your clothes will require running longer or in need of multiple cycles prior to drying appropriately if your dryer vent is clogged. This happens because your dryer becomes inefficient to acquire the right amount of hot air.

In addition to working poorly, a clogged dryer vent will make an increase in your power bills due to extended drying times and multiple cycles.

To Get Rid of Mold:
Dryer vent releases hot air as well as moisture outside. Inside the tube, the moisture can cause wet spots sometimes. These wet spots can catch the accumulated lint and create mold.

What’s more? This wet lint is also capable of sticking to the inside of the tube, which makes the cleaning of the dryer vent more arduous.

To Enhance the Life of the Dryer:
Due to clogging, the extended drying time, as well as multiple cycling of an inefficiently working dryer vent, can decrease its life.
Furthermore, there will be more signs of wear and tear in an overworked dryer, possibly leading to malfunctions and repairs. More alarmingly, if you don’t get your dryer cleaned and it keeps on running this way, it can breakdown your machine entirely over time.

To Save Your Hard-Earned:
Every machine or appliance, when properly cared for, works better and lasts longer, and the same is the case with your dryer.

This way, you can ensure the timely drying of your clothes so it won’t take a toll on your electricity bill. Apart from this, extended drying time can also put strains on your clothes, necessitating regular dryer vent cleaning.

Over and above that, a clogged vent when run continuously can cause internal problems requiring costly repairs.

Wrapping It Up:
So, these five reasons make regular dryer vent cleaning a must for you if you want to ensure the safety of your home and save money. Also, it prevents mold formation, adds years to the lifetime of your machine, and ensures its efficient working for longer. Best of all, It saves your money by minimizing the need for costly repairs.

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