Time for a Chimney Liner

There are a lot of things to which we do not give much importance. But, in due time their need crops up urgently. One such thing is a chimney liner, which is probably not very popular yet. A lot of people feel that chimney liner is not a necessity as they do not understand its functioning too well. But, the liner is actually a very important part of the chimney. The function of a liner lies in fireplaces where solid fuels, gas and oil are burnt. Liners help in guiding the combustion by-products away from the chimney. During annual cleaning sprees, the chimney professionals guide people about the condition of the chimneys. This gives a better idea whether the chimney requires replacement or not.

Understanding the importance of a chimney liner

There are several present right around us that we do not give much importance to. In order to know about the importance of a chimney liner, it is important to understand why they are installed in chimneys. The reason why a chimney liner is installed is:

  • It provides protection to the interior of the chimney
  • It helps in guiding the gases and particles so that they can move out of the chimney easily.
  • Clay tile liners can withstand very high temperatures which in turn increases the life-time of the chimney
  • They offer protection from corrosive materials that move out of the chimney
  • They add to the strength of the chimney

Things to note while buying a chimney liner

First of all, it is necessary to know that there are three broad types of chimney liners. They popular types are clay-tile liner, metal liner and cast-in-place liner. But, it is important to understand why and which one should one go for. While buying it is important to ensure that in case of any damage, the chimney mason would be able to show the liner present in the inside of the liner. While purchasing a stainless steel liner, it is important to ask whether the liner is insulated or not. In order to install a stainless steel liner, the masons need to break off the clay tiles. This information must be forwarded to the customer by the seller so that he can have a mental preparation.

Checking for life-time warranty of the liner is important. They should always be purchased from reputed shops. Other than three broad categories, Heavy; heavy performance light; and light, are three categories of liners. The heavy category is the thickest and the strongest. Obviously they are also the most expensive ones. The customer should know which one would be perfect for his home and invest accordingly. It is better to consult the chimney professional and let him decide. This will help the customer to understand the reason behind the material used. The chimney liner is the best possible protection for your chimney as well as for your home. They are a necessity and not an option that people may think twice about.


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