Why you should clean your dryer vents

Dryer Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

There are many home owners who are not aware of the fact that the clothes dryer duct cleaning Seattle might cause house fire in an instant. One should imaging waking up at the dead of night or perhaps any other time, to find that their house is on fire. When investigated, the finding could really startle the person, since the culprit here is the clothes dryer. As per NFPA, washing machines and dryers have been contributing to about 1 out of every 22 house fires, which is indeed a serious matter. This takes place due to failure in cleaning the machines. This is the reason, experts opinion that every home owner should make it a point to have their appliances checked by a dryer duct cleaning Seattle professional from time to time to ensure no such mishaps takes place.

Things to take into consideration

Similar to servicing the vehicle by changing the oil, rotating the tire and carrying out other essential maintenance, it becomes extremely important for the individual to call in the dryer duct cleaning Seattle professionals for the dryer. The experts provide several easy tips to assist with the dryer.

  • One should not use dryer without lint filter.
  • Heat resistant flexible duct is to be used. It avoids house fire.
  • Depending on the number of times, the clothes are dried on it, the lint filter is to be cleaned at least twice a week. Lint build-up in vent or drier could possibly ignite from heat of dryer thus, causing flame.
  • Dryer is to be cleaned periodically and kept in good working condition.
  • The dryer is to be plugged into appropriate outlet.
  • Operating instructions provided by manufacturer is to be followed and dryer should not be overloaded.
  • It is very much important to call on the dryer duct cleaning Seattle professionals at least once in a year.

How to select the right dryer duct cleaning company?

While hiring dryer duct cleaning Seattle professionals, it is essential for the individual to ask several questions to satisfy themselves for choosing the right one. the dryer cleaning company should have hired professionals having years of experience and expertise in the domain. They need to make use of highly commercial and professional grade equipments. It is always better to leave the big tasks to the professionals, as they have been into this field for quite some time and have cleaned hundreds of similar types before.

The individual needs to steer clear of fly by night operators and handy men, who could be amateurs and not know much about taking care of the dryer duct cleaning Seattle, the right way. Hence, it becomes quite important for the individual to ensure that he is dealing with a reputed and stable company enjoying recommendations from its previous customers. one can ask the company to provide them with ‘before & after’ video testimonial of any work done by them previously, to prove their worth and capability. They should have the latest technology to use in the cleaning and repairing and know how to use it the right way.